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“When can I drop this off Ma’am?”  Umm.. Anytime is fine. I will be here! You see I am now one of those `working from home’ types that all those `have to go to office’ types envy! Oh it has it disadvantages to be sure. You can lounge about in your tees all day, declare power-nap time when the sun blinds you thru the window, have a window to look out of, pretend to be hard at work if the pesky aunt wants to chat, eat lunch out of proper plates, raid the refrigerator for inspiration… Oooh what is that green pallor on all you office-types? Heh! Heh!

Seriously, there ARE some dis-advantages too. But for now the advantages, to me, are more in focus. Changing from office-goer to work-from-homer brought about a total change in the daily rhythm of my life. Suddenly those early morning yoga sessions were do-able, scheduling personal work on weekdays was do-able, getting chat-time with an itinerant hubby at a decent time for both was do-able. `Can do’ took on a whole new meaning for me!

Now I recognise the urban song my neighbourhood grooves to & can listen to any single note and tell you what time of the day we are at. That’s the lady in the bungalow next door sweeping the yard with the kharaata. So its about 5 am. I can dawdle in bed for another 5. Bliss. Vishwanathan Uncle is at his mridangam.. mid-morning… Earlier I had never paused to register what was happening around me. Time was always a blur until I got into the car to drive to work. And then time and the traffic streeeeeteched unending. Just when I didn’t want it to.

Reminds me of the song `Jame Raho from Taare Zameen Par! And I am in the happy situation of being closer to the Yahaan Alag Andaaz Hai than ever before!

Now that I walk to do my errands instead of drive around I am `seeing’ the neighbourhood afresh. I no longer do the `drop this off of for photocopying, go pick up groceries, come back to pick up copies’ kind of planning. I twiddle my thumbs and chat awhile with the vendors, sit there while the puncture is being repaired, wait while the chicken is being cleaned and the fat trimmed.

I have learned that my tyre-repair wallah, Raja, is from Orissa. He is getting married in a month. He doesn’t like it here as much as his brother does. On a good day there are 4 cars that he works on for punctures and one that needs a tube change (today I am that statistical `One’!)  The fruit vendor is from Jejuri – home to one of the most famous Khandoba temples. He thinks it’s very silly how people pay fancy rates without demur in the `shops’ but haggle with him for 2 and 3 Rs.  “Hmmm”, I agree with him while quietly handing over his `asking’ rate. He reddens and returns change I didn’t ask for. The hairdresser … THATS an interesting story now … but you get the drift … now I get friendly waves and nods in the neighbourhood where earlier I was a stranger.

I am seeing the day in 300 dpi resolution not 72 dpi quick-upload, compressed version. And it feels .. different.. nice different methinks. At least for now.

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