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The Never Tribe

A friend bought a new car.. and I said “Hey! Is that one yours? The lime green one?” and he says in a tone laced with disgust, “THAAT colour? I wouldn’t be caught dead owning a car that colour!”

A cousin the marriageable age says, “ I will NEVER marry someone who isn’t taller than me”

“I would NEVER say that kind of thing”

“ I will never wear such clothes”

“If I were that fat I would never step out of home”

“I would never eat that kind of stuff”

The `never’ list goes on. People so sure of what they will never do, never say, never think. And I want to ask them .. Are you sure? NEVER? Lock kiya jaaye? Life is strange you know and you are being very bold (and maybe full-of-yourself and boring too :p) in tempting it. Twisting Shahrukh from `Om Shanti Om’, “Kehte hain ki …… Agar kisi cheez ko dil se NEVER chaaho toh puri kaynaat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai” !!

Me… I can never say for sure. Maybe I am not one of those who have very clear minds and value systems and absolute views on right and wrong. I tend to be context-driven and unable to see things in black and white.

Guess I am one of those `Never say never’ people!!

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