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Joy is just a phone-call away

“I can guess who you were talking to on the phone” my husband said, “without hearing the exact words” In response to my raised eyebrow he ventured a “ That was xyz right? Your friend from childhood right? Right?”

He was too. Right. “Your tone of voice changes, your entire demeanour does.” I reflected. Yes, it does doesn’t it? With every person or set of persons we have a different equation. That reflects on our behaviour. Even on a phone call!whatsapp-image-2016-09-30-at-1-44-10-pm

But this `from childhood’ has a far more noticeable effect. Especially if you lost connect with them as you grew up and even now talk to them only intermittently. When you do talk to each other you fall back, effortlessly, into the rhythm of those earlier days. You relate to them the way you left it back then. The banter, the leg-pulling, the liberties you take…. it is like copy-paste-zoom-forward-in-time. All the life that happened in between melts away and you reclaim the you-that-was for a brief moment.

It is refreshing, it is invigorating. It reminds you of your hopes, your dreams, makes you look at today with the energy you had yesterday. Here’s to old friends! Want to pick up that phone today?

Moonlight Musings

I don’t have to
open my eyes
to know it is you,

I can tell that touch

from a million others

Not now, please

I need my rest
for tomorrow
is already
knocking at the door

I know u are here
but for a few moments
and that
with the dawn
you will fade away

But I must tell you

i am weary
of your wanton ways
here now, this moment
with no promise of tomorrow

So what shall we do now?

Which carefully hoarded
memory shall i slowly
that we may live it again?

That long ago train journey

where we whispered
all night through
while sleeping desert hamlets
sped by unheeded?

Or the night we savoured

in companionable silence
the sand nibbling our toes
while the warm breeze
teased the lovelorn fronds

Or when the melancholy cloud
matched my grief
tear for cascading tear
while you abandoned
me, to drown

Would u gather me up
on wings of fantasy
envelop me in
smells, sights and sounds
of faraway places I’ve never been?

Places and people
You have known
in ages past
who meant to you
as much as i do today?

Or would you rather that
we start something new
to be then tucked away
to cherish again
on another day?

(This was penned after a recent tryst with the full moon that unfailingly makes it’s way in through my bedroom window every month to re-new acquaintance)

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