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Coffee Break

My fingers itch. I can’t concentrate. But I MUST NOT move. Let it be. Let it be… It’s not important. I am strong. I can control an urge. …. Sigh.. I give up. Give me a minute while I move that candle-stand a couple of millimetres to the right. There, now the world is fine again!

Do you suffer from this.. this.. urge to place things `just so’? I am a long suffering patient. It is an unending source of merriment in my family –  how I go about making tiny adjustments to stuff placed around the house after the maid has finished with her dusting. I suspect my father and better half have at times laid bets on how long I will be able to sit still without `adjusting’ something that is not placed `just right’ !

I find that objects around us speak – by virtue of their shape, color, their weight, how they are angled…


Here are some snaps of  coffee and tea mugs that, to me, painted a picture of human body language ……

Conversation dynamics de-constructed. What do you think just happened here? (Now you know why my family treats me with the fond indulgence reserved for the slightly off- the- rocker, essentially harmless specimens)


WHAT did u just say??!!!

That's it. SCAT!

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