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And Baby Jesus smiled

So the three wise men set off with gifts for Baby Jesus. Gifts!! The little eyes around me shone with excitement. “What gifts did they take?” asked one. “Toys” “Clothes” “Sweets”… voices yelled. “Nah” I said, “They took gold… and frankincense… and myrhh” The faces fell. They were not impressed. What silly gifts, the eyes said accusingly.

The littlest one piped up sadly… “Baby Jesus will feel cold without clothes”. Her slightly older, slightly wiser friend came to the rescue with “Oh! I know! They can cover him with hay. He won’t feel cold then.”


          Original Image Credit – Webweaver

Another had been pondering a life without sweets and said in a less-than-convinced but hopeful tone… “He is too little to eat sweets. Maybe someone will give sweets later.”

“But without toys how will be play?!” they chorused. They looked at each other, stumped. Wise little one burst out excitedly, “Arre, his father is a carpenter! He will make toys out of wood!!”

Everyone went “Oh! Yaaaaa…

Crisis averted. Happy faces. The sun shone again.  Baby Jesus smiled in their world – covered in hay, happily clutching a wooden toy. The three wise men stood in a corner with their big-people gifts.

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