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One for the road

This is not a post. It is a post-let.

It has no proper structure or reasoning, beginning or end. It is like many things in life. It just happens.

As I drove the road at night and automatically dimmed my lights so as not to blind the oncoming driver I realised I was the only one being understanding and gracious.

The vehicles I was dimming them for did not, not ONE, reciprocate my gesture – leave alone dimming first.

That’s when it struck me that this was like some macho ritual. On Indian roads one knows well that Might is Right is the rule. Whoever blinks first loses right of way. And this dimming of headlights is some extension of the same thinking. Being gracious, understanding, accomodating is a sign of road inferiority, or a character flaw at the very least.

Dim your lights and you have announced your subservience to me! I shall pass by in blinding halogen glory whilst you grope to stay on track! Ha!

The end. This is it. My blinding halogen insight is over. Grope for meaning. Ha!

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