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Second chances are for men

“I had no intention of remarrying. However, my father is old and suffers from diabetes and asthma” And so he re-married six months after losing his first wife in a landslide. He is 31 years old.

The newspaper article is titled `Surviving landslide, two men of Malin give life a second chance’.

This man, who married because his old father needed care, is a senior teacher with the Zilla Parishad.

” He (father) shifted to Pune to stay with my sister and her husband. I was feeling guilty about it. Besides, both my father and my sister’s husband felt that I should give life a second chance. I agreed.”

He re-married because he needed someone to look after his father. He sought counsel from his father and brother-in-law. Clearly the views of the girl he has now married are not of consequence. Including his sister in the decision-making was probably not top-of-mind either.

Wonder what she might have said if she had been asked. Would she have asked her brother to marry ..but for the right reasons? Would she have thought that in the first place? Or would she too have been happy that her brother was `giving life a second chance’ by finding a caretaker for his ageing father.

And to think he is a teacher, a senior one who is in charge of impressionable minds.

And to think educated journalists have written up a piece in this manner without a thought to what the sub-text says, without a thought to the powerful role they can play in influencing opinion.

And to think a respected newspaper in this country runs this piece without seeing the irony of it all.

Best of luck my dear country. Best of luck `Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’.

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