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Touch of life

They sat there in companionable silence. Taking in all that was happening around them. Not involved in any of it. Bundled up against the chill wind and early morning fog. `Monkey caps’ pulled low over the ears, sweaters filling out frail frames.

I wished I had my camera.  It was a timeless shot Рthe low, crumbling stone wall, the two of them sitting side by side, watching the world go by. One with uninterested eyes that talked of having seen it all a million times before, the other hungrily soaking everything in.

They had probably been bundled out of the way by a family rushing through the morning rush. Grandfather and grandson. One having paid his dues to this chaotic world already, the other as yet too young to make a difference. “Go, get some sun, it will be good for you”, someone must have said. Sitting there, together, the past and the future.

Genesis: Touch of Life

I see them everywhere. And they warm my heart. Each time. These grandparent & kid sets. Little hands holding on to the gnarled fingers as they take uncertain steps, happy squeals at being raised up to ring the temple bell together,  keeping each other tired company on the mall benches. And for as long as they continue to be together, the world can go about its work, content in the knowledge that tomorrow is in safe custody.

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