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On being overwhelmed

I read my daily newspaper with great interest. I glance at the news but devote considerable attention to the rest of it. Makes for far more interesting reading I find. Take today’s Times of India for instance.

Shobhaa De writes about Liz Taylor and her violet eyes… ok more than that but this is what stuck to my mind. She thanks Vijay Mallya for giving her the opportunity to sleep on the same bed as Liz and her beau of the time Richard Burton (Not all at the same time (un)fortunately else we would never have heard the end of it) – in the yacht Kalizma which he now owns. “As you can imagine” she writes,`it was an overwhelming experience’

No. I CANNOT imagine! I mean one assumes these two events are many moons separated  and so the bed linen and possibly even the mattress and pillows have been changed, not once but multiple times. That Liz and Burton’s spirits do not haunt the bed for posterity. WHAT, pray, made this an `overwhelming’ experience?

I can quite relate to feeling overwhelmed standing at Jallianwala Bagh or on Normandy beach or being in any place for that matter where something momentous had occurred or which were witness to the heights (and depths) of human emotion, be they individual or small group or all humankind. Or feeling reverence for an object that belonged to someone you admire and was important/central to that person – say Sachin’s bat or Picasso’s brush. Or having goose-bumps on handling Aurangzeb’s sword as it tumbled out of the long-forgotten AMU cupboard. Or even feeling emotionally charged on seeing any object that belonged to someone very close who one misses – grandfathers watch, mothers perfume and so on – even if these were not all that important as objects to them they acquire a symbolic value in our eyes.

But why does a bed slept in for some days by a star couple or a tea-cup used by a famous politician inspire so much reverence or a dress worn by a famous actress in an award ceremony be much-coveted?!!!!! Beats me!  Sigh. Either my understanding is severely challenged or strange are the ways of the world and its denizens. Possibly a bit of both – less of the former and loads of the latter 😉

Today’s newspaper also informs me that this strange world had better make hurry with its plans cos it is all going to end on 21st May at 6 pm sharp. Yes. Harold Camping, preacher from Oakland, California, hath made this declaration of doom. Quick, let’s bid for that towel used but once by Liz (so it has much wear left see?) so our ka can find peace and we are properly equipped for our afterlife journey!!!

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