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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

I am on the horns of a dilemma… Hmm… that’s an interesting phrase. Wonder where it comes from. Was there a bull named dilemma and the rider is not sure whether to jump off while the going was good or… Sorry, I digress… as I was saying, I am on the horns of a dilemma.

Just a half-hour ago I was all clear-headed.. no horns.. no bulls… I was looking ahead with eager anticipation. I have days ahead that are full of ..nothing… no deadlines.. no travel..no nothing. Finally! I can renew acquaintance with the bookshelf, I said to myself. Yaaay!!

There’s Parva…. its eight-inch thickness had daunted a time-stressed me earlier. I can take it on now! Wait a minute.. I can first finish the India after Gandhi that I had abandoned. Nadine Gordimer.. Gosh.. I started that long ago. Oooh ..here’s Herriot.. ..why not set the mood with re-reading him. I pick each one out of the bookcase. My eyes fall upon the brand-new book on Service Design. I really ought to read that one 😦  But today is not an ‘ought to‘  kind of day, today is ‘want to‘! Perhaps tomorrow.

The pile beside me grows and grows. Idea! I will create an area in the bookshelf to keep all the ‘to-read’ books together. Yesss!

I spent the next hour selecting and de-selecting books to go onto the to-read now shelf. Lovely! All sitting next to each other.. so neat, so inviting. Kahneman jostling with Saki, fighting for space with Rumi. Perhaps I should arrange them by genre.. or should it be by book size …. or colour of the spine….

Aaargh! The morning has sped by …. what to read first..what to read first  .. I am on the horns of a dilemma…

Wait a minute. I know.. I will do what I saw at Blackstones. The oldest (?) bookstore in Oxford. They had this brilliant shelf for the `dilemmaed’ ( I know, I know that word does not exist. Don’t quibble.Believe me, it’s not the right time).

The books were all covered in brown paper with a verrry small hint on what was inside. And they said..Don’t judge a book by its cover. . Why not try our lucky dip?..


That’s what I will do! Tomorrow. Today I buy brown paper.


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