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Blend In Or Break Away

I know next to nothing about architecture. But am always ready to stand and gape. So I signed up for this easy-peasy course on understanding it. I loved that I got to ..no not stand, I did not actually go to these places (sniffle), but SIT at my desk and gape .. at some beautiful poetry arrested-in-motion

I loved some of them so much I am going to paste them here so I can spend some more time playing with them. Yaaay! Here goes …

Park Guel. Gaudi

Does it not dispel all dark thoughts from your mind and bring a burst of happy sunshine?? Smile, Smile.

Now this one has tranquility stamped all over it..

Falling Waters. Frank Wright

Falling Waters. Frank Wright

And these make me shut up. Not a mean feat.

Aliyev Centre-Zaha hadid

Heydar Aliyev Centre. Zaha Hadid

Niemeyer Centre

Niemeyer Cultural Centre. Oscar Niemeyer

Harp Bridge. Calatrava

Harp Bridge. Calatrava

I HAVE to show you this one ..again a Calatrava.

Turning Torso. Calatrava

Turning Torso. Calatrava

If you want to see it turning open an image of it in a size that doesn’t fit on your screen in it’s entirety. Then starting at the top move slowly down the page. Gasp.

And one more from him..I think he is my favourite architect..for now.

Sharq Crossing. Calatrava

Sharq Crossing. Calatrava

Seems like, in architecture, you can take one of two roads …blend/add on to the landscape around, which leads to a sense of peace and harmony¬†OR create something that uses the landscape as a foil and leads away from it in breathtaking, awe-inspiring ways.

Both create something beautiful. Architecture that takes the middle path – banal.

Clang..clang,..cliche warning… All art mirrors life; is born of life. Reflects the continual choice we face – blend in or break away? Do either with purpose, conviction and commitment and we make a life of beauty. Else….ugliness. Inside and Outside.

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