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Are you really older and wiser?

The other day, after a routine meeting at office, as I was walking out of the bosses office, he suddenly asked, ” What did you think?” and paused. Not wanting to betray that I really did not think during this meeting I let the pause grow …. “Was I very rude with people … am I very brusque … ?”

Quickly sending up a thank you that this was not about me and my thinking I said ..”Well… you were very quick in your decisions … I mean, you did not really waste much time listening…” (hee hee, the diplomatic me !)

“But have I become this way recently?” he asked,” I am told people are scared of coming to me and thats not good is it?”

And I said … ,” No, I mean, yes, you were not so impatient some years ago.. but you are older now and …..”

I will not bore you with the rest of my pearls of wisdom on that occasion and it not quite germane to the point I am trying to make, which is:

The older we get the more impatient and rigid in our viewpoints we become.

As we get older it becomes more and more difficult for us to hold back our `wisdom’ of what will or will not work because we know (or think we know at any rate) what has happened in the past in so many different `scenarios’ that we just want to `get on with it’ and not make (or let anyone else make) `the same mistakes’.

There is also a feeling that we are wasting time .. a commodity that we suddenly see as being rather limited at our age.

Suddenly listening becomes all that more difficult. My son’s constant refrain `Amma .. you are not listening’ is taking on a whole new age .. .. like I needed any reminders!

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