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Tata Sky Plus Ad – Minuses all the way

Power Yoga Workshop .. Special for Women’s Day; Express your love for the woman in your life .. on Womens Day – these kind of messages are all around as 8th of March approaches. Of course its just another day & of course all of these special programs, advertisements are just timed to cash in on another carefully orchestrated non-event.

Vaguely uneasy about all this hype, thinking about what Women’s Day should truly mean, I was jarred out of my stupor by a commercial on TV- a Tata Sky ad, actually a Tata Sky PLUS ad. You must have seen it too .. where the husband bears the brunt of his wife’s fury, with burnt toast for lunch since thanks to his cricket match she couldn’t watch her favourite soap.

As I watched it repeated ad nauseum in every commercial break, my `I am oh so angry’ vein began throbbing. Now if this were just one ad I would probably not have been so riled. But oh no. Its one of a series of ads – all around the same theme .. only the method by which the wife exacts retribution is different.

So what is riling me u ask? .. the gender stereotyping, THATs what. Why is it always the wife who is shown wanting to watch the soap opera? Couldn’t she have been wanting to watch the budget telecast instead? or the panel discussion on CNBC? .. but oh no.. in all the ads she ALWAYS wants to watch the soap opera!

And why is it that this series of ads always casts only the male member as the `decision maker’ in the purchase? Is this representative of the segment that Tata Sky is targeting the product at? I wonder. Even if it is, does it befit a brand from the Tata stable to appeal using these stereotypes? What happened to the Tata brand aligning with empowerment and upliftment?

Happy Women’s Day %^&%&. Indeed.

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