of thoughts in ebb and flow

I like to think I am not swayed by physical appearances. That my behavior is unbiased; at least in so far as looks are concerned. 

The (un)friendly neighbourhood pigeons came and cooed all morning outside my window. Cooed is too good a word for the sound they make.. more like incessant moans of pain, a friend once complained. I couldn’t agree more. But this pair seemed less in pain and more in an amorous mood. Ha. Maybe they were already anticipating the coming relationship pains. Smart.

Anyways, I said nasty things and aimed little pellets of mud at them to chase them away. Next thing I know you will be making your stinking nest here and I will have to contend with feathers and eggs and fledglings and … Go. Go do your romancing elsewhere.

As I stand at my kitchen sink rinsing the coffee mugs I see a little speckled brown bird swaying on an errant cable right outside the window. Oh, wait a minute. It’s not alone. There is another one sitting and softly chirping away on the water pipe a few inches away. How cute. Wait a minute .. they are building a nest. Right here. An inch from my window. They chose my window, of all the windows in the world, they chose MINE to make a home. OMG! That is tho thweeet!


And I called everyone at home to come see.. Hey, come see what a lovely pair they make. Shhhh.. don’t scare them. They are so, so little and look so fragile.

Uh. Oh. Wait a minute. What did I just say?

Did I hear an accusatory coo? I think I should be ashamed of myself. At least a little bit. What do you say?

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