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When is `art’ born?


Is it art because it started off under that name in a studio or in the mind of someone who is considered an `artist’? Is it art because it is something that serves little `functional’ use? When it is `purposeless’? Is it art because it moves one?

I have no definite answers. Doubt I will ever have one. But here are some interesting ways of looking at it.

  1. Every piece of art has three `intents’ – the artist’s, the viewer’s and that of the object of art itself. When two these intersect..art is born. When all three intersect ..great art is born. That’s when we see something and go ..`this speaks to me’
  2. Any object can become art. When a viewer of the object finds herself projected into the piece… when she throws her emotions, her memories, her feelings into it.. at that moment is art born. She may feel herself inexorably drawn into the object … her hair may stand on end, her skin prickle, and she may lose track of her surroundings and time. That is the moment art is born. art q1Art is thus made, by the viewer and the artist together. The creativity belongs to both. Both of them invest equally to transform `object’ into `art’.
  1. When the creator moves beyond the minimum functional aspects in what they are creating, when she adds something more or puts it together differently .. for aesthetic pleasure or making a statement or conveying a message ..then art is born. Whistling in tune rather than a plain blast to hail someone – art, embellishing that plate of food with sprigs of herbs – art, making a lattice to hide the drain-pipes on the building façade – art

What do you think?

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