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Joy is just a phone-call away

“I can guess who you were talking to on the phone” my husband said, “without hearing the exact words” In response to my raised eyebrow he ventured a “ That was xyz right? Your friend from childhood right? Right?”

He was too. Right. “Your tone of voice changes, your entire demeanour does.” I reflected. Yes, it does doesn’t it? With every person or set of persons we have a different equation. That reflects on our behaviour. Even on a phone call!whatsapp-image-2016-09-30-at-1-44-10-pm

But this `from childhood’ has a far more noticeable effect. Especially if you lost connect with them as you grew up and even now talk to them only intermittently. When you do talk to each other you fall back, effortlessly, into the rhythm of those earlier days. You relate to them the way you left it back then. The banter, the leg-pulling, the liberties you take…. it is like copy-paste-zoom-forward-in-time. All the life that happened in between melts away and you reclaim the you-that-was for a brief moment.

It is refreshing, it is invigorating. It reminds you of your hopes, your dreams, makes you look at today with the energy you had yesterday. Here’s to old friends! Want to pick up that phone today?

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