of thoughts in ebb and flow

As I sit in my room trying to meet the impending deadline, I have banished the kids (my son and nephew) to the other room and am hoping for a few minutes of silence.

I try to ignore their bantering but a few words float into the room and suddenly it’s like a bolt of lightning struck me ….

You know how you tell your kid `do this, do that, do it THIS way, not that….’ and for all the response you get you may well be talking to a wall? And as you get totally frustrated a well-meaning elder says `Don’t worry, he is listening and absorbing, it will all come together when he needs it’ ..and you have to bite your tongue to not retort?

Listening to my son.. as he `taught’ his younger cousin the basics of Hindi language I heard him … using the same phrases I did, the same approach and logic I did ..with him … and making the same arguments I did … `don’t hold it so tightly, if you get used to that your fingers will pain when you need to write so much more when you grow up…. how can you give up so soon .. you have to stick with the difficult stuff ….say it once more, for me, say .. how you say it is important..hear it in your head..’


I hadn’t been talking to a wall after all!

Now, I am more hopeful about him remembering  the `big’ stuff when life needs him to 🙂


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