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Lizard Lessons

I saw a lizard today. No big deal, I know.

The lizard was on my window pane. It was doing what all lizards do. Stalking a moth.  It crept, it waited, it side-stepped, flicked its tongue out. By all counts the moth should have been a goner.

But, surprise, surprise, it did not move an inch and yet the lizard could not get at it.

Because it was on the OTHER side of the glass pane.

Poor lizard. I could hear it think, ” #*^#, what just happened here?”

It amused me. Until I realised I was not much unlike that Lizard sometimes. Spending much time, energy and thought on stuff that is `on the other side of the glass pane’ as in, stuff that is a figment of my imagination. Like `should I have done that’, `what if this happens’, `what if that does not happen’, `Gosh, did I hurt her with my words’. You get the drift.

Chances are, it matters to nobody and all that agony is yours alone.

Why not just stick to what is on my side of the pane. That I can actually DO something about. Instead of building worry bubbles that don’t really matter to the moths at all?

Come to think of it, one thing I would like to learn from the lizard is its ability to leave its tail behind in dire situations. And grow another one. To let go of stuff and heal oneself. Now  THAT’s a challenging goal!


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