of thoughts in ebb and flow

And that’s how it ends

One would think a first blog post would be about beginnings. But I don’t want anyone, least of all convention, to dictate to me the order of things. So I am going to talk about ends.

I like to end conversations with a Ciao. I think it’s light and breezy and gives the connotation that this is a temporary lull in the tide of our interactions. I never did like the servile air of the school-prescribed `Yours faithfully’ and remember agitated negotiations with my son to at least risk using `Yours sincerely’ in place of it in his school letter writing.

.. So it comes as a bit of a shock to me that Ciao shares etymological background with the Italian `Schiavo’ – which means `I am your slave’…. Sigh. I’ll never be able to Ciao that easily again!


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